Friday, February 21, 2014


Have you ever noticed how the studio doesn't have a clock? Its very important to me to not time my sessions.  When another client shows up, I touch base and assess.  I allow an hour (longer for newborns) even though typically we need 20-40 minutes so I have that leeway - I want my clients to be relaxed and have fun!  I do move fast - I shoot allot of pictures in a short period of time so I can catch "THE" shot.  You know the one - the throw the head back and laugh shot, the pout, the look - its the REAL expressions - they are the BEST!!!

Soooo for those of you who were in during the busy season - mid October through December, the studio was TRASHED!!! I apologize.  But we DEEP cleaned and organized, and though I have a few rooms, the attic and the garage to go, it looks SO MUCH better!! Check it out.

There is just nothing cuter than a baby just a few hours old.  So many discount the beauty and incredible opportunity of having a shoot in the hospital.  The best bet is to do a hospital shoot (so easy, I come to you and its INCLUDED in our first moments plan.) and THEN come into the studio within the first week of baby's birth.  THATS when these next pictures were taken....

And then a few days later in the studio.... 

Isn't it crazy how different this little guy looks just a few days later???  Talk about growing and changing FAST! Maternity is one of those sessions mommies often bawk at as well.  "I'm too fat" - "I didn't do it with my older kid" - "I don't have time" - "I wouldn't know when to come! "  All good excuses - SO we include the maternity session for FREE with our baby plan.  Come on - you know you want a few pictures!  Look your face doesn't even have to be in it!!  Plus - BONUS - I have photoshop!!  LOL. 

Aren't these little guys adorable?  I love it when parents actually listen to me about the whole bright clothing on the kiddos thing!  It really DOES make a difference!  If you have questions about outfits, please don't hesitate to email , text or call.  We can walk you through what will work best for you.  
I love the snow in the background - of course now its melted and we have the brown in the background - STOP WAITING FOR SPRING as an excuse to not take pictures!!  Seriously the brown is a fun vintage look and if you combine it with some fun bright colors - POOF! You have a beautiful portrait. 

For a couple that says they HATE pictures, I would say they did great! This gal has SUCH a personality!  What a hoot the two of them are! 

 These guys were so fun too.  Gosh I don't remember being that young - But I DO remember being goofy! These two got that down to a science!
I have 6 parents albums I am putting finishing touches on right now, and I LOVE this page from a recent one.  Mom picked the wording based on a saying she had on the wall.  It really fits here!  I cant wait to see the finished album bound!

 One of my regulars (and a dear friend) brought her little guy by for a quick shot to announce their newest on the way.  What a treat to be part of this!!  So honored!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

We are BACK!!! 

Im going to try and post daily to my blog - so here we go.  It was a busy weekend, and though I am thrilled with business being busy during my normally slow season, I am a bit overwhelmed with kids and business mixed.

So heres whats going on... I FINALLY got my Wedding website updated.  And we printed new price lists.  PROBLEM - I cant spell.  So there were 14 gramatical or spelling errors!!! Its okay I only printed 1000.  YUP 1000.  If you want a copy, let me know, I corrected the errors and will email you one.  But PLEASE go check out my updated site!
Above is a sample of one of the new images from last seasons weddings.  

What else? Well we have shot alot of newborns lately and this little gal is one of my faves - what a beautiful collage grandma purchased!  These collages measure 10x20 and come mounted.  Pick all your favorite images! 

I just have to show you a picture of this little angel.  Jackson has been a client for years.  Him and sis are an absolute delight!  Mom will tell you they are busy little kiddos - and they are - but so happy and sweet and every time they come and see me it brightens my day - and doesnt he look fantastic in his glasses?  These pictures were toward the beginning of the shoot, then we had to photoshop a bruise off his forehead from the tumble he took from falling off a chair.  LOL.  He's a monkey.  Arent ALL four year old boys?  Wanna see a shoot of him and sis around christmas? Check it out here.

Whats especially extrodinary about this senior is not his good looks (though he is quite handsome) or his fantastic sneaker collection (really quite impressive), but his incredible kind spirit.  I really enjoyed the time we spent togeather on our three shoots. Im actually quite sad we arent doing more! He is exceptionally polite and very thoughful.  I had the pleasure of meeting his best bud, girlfriend, sisters and mom and most definately know both where he gets it from (good job mom!) and how he effects those around him.  Hes just a treat to spend time with!  Take a peek at some of the pictures here.
Those of you who know me know I like the babies young - I call them "FRESH". I prefer to take thier pictures in the first week of birth. Well this little gal was only a few hours old!! She didnt even get her bath yet.  There is something SO precious, so incredible about a new life.  And what a privledge to be a part of it!