Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blocks, and fun with mom and dad.

This little guy has been coming to me for a while, and he just gets cuter each time.  See all his pictures here.

Okay this guy is a HOOT! Natural Light is some of my favorite photography and this little guy really shines!

New Life, New Chapter.

This little one was so easy to photograph - she seemed to know what was in store.  What a blessing!  See all her pictures here. 

Extended Family On Location Shoot

Family shoots are fun - especially when you can encorporate elements like your own home or a local watering hole.  Enjoy viewing all these pictures here and here.

Young Family Shoot

Okay so is he totally cute in that tub? 

Lees Summit West Senior 2010

What fun!  This was a great shoot, with a very talented young man who loves so many things.  See his whole shoot here!


Baptisms are beautiful and we are so blessed to be a part of them.  In this case we just did a studio shot, but many times we are choosen to go on location to cover the event.

This was a blast - I did older brother when he turned one and sissy before, and now little one!  See the whole sisters shoot here.


I have watched these kids grow from afar as mommy doesnt live nearby.  Gosh I watched mommy grow a bit too as she is the oldest of 5 - our Childrens pastor's kid!  Watch the slideshow of thier shots here. 

Summer FUN!

So much fun!!!  We wanted a bright and happy theme, and mom is super creative too.   Here is what we ended up with.  Watch the full slideshow here!