Sunday, August 30, 2009

Russ and Ashley

Russ and Ashley got married yesterday, Saturday the 29th of August at beautiful Meadowview Gardens. Meadowview is in Bates City and its one of my favorite venues - a terriffic place to shoot, and all inclusive. It was a perfect day for it! To see all my faves click here.
Here are a few fun shots -

Such a beautiful bride - back, front, and on the inside!

Quite possibly the cutest ring bearer ever!

Being so close when the bride and groom exchange rings is such an honor - I often find myself holding my breath!

Dad - the videographer!

The moon and the sunset - soooo beautiful!

I was SOOOO excited we got to see fireworks!

The sunset was breathtaking.
We yanked apart a few bridesmaids boquets - they were so gracious to sacrifice them for the pictures.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brooke - Senior 2010

Travis and Amanda!

Travis and Amanda - Young, vibrant, responsible parents of two incredibly beautiful children. What a blast we all had! Again we felt like family - of course we have been working with these two for quite a while and are so excited to see that the day is finally here. Everything went off without a hitch (well except for our little ride in the curb jumping misguided limo LOL) and it was so much fun. We got 10 times more fun pictures than I thought we did ( as usual)! Here are a few of my faves.
Oh to see ALL my faves the teaser slideshow is here .

Travis and Amanda chose to do thier Private Moments in the Cancer Memorial Park right next to thier church (Unity temple on the plaza) - Great spot - intimate and outdoorsy - and unique!

Unity Temple has beautiful stained glass and lots of room.

They have the CUTEST kids! Sage and Scottie are a HOOT!

A ballon release - ORIGINAL!!!!! And way cool to watch.

Gotta go to Nelson!

Oh gosh you had to be there! He is chasing her with CAKE!

Dancing - and did they ever dance!
Travis and Sage fly ALOT! - She grinns so much when she is in the air.

Scottie with his mommy - such a joy to watch - this kid has so much love for mom.
The photobooth was by KCPHOTOBOOTH - they are amazing! How fun! And it totally complements what I do!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pam and Ryan

To see All my favorites from Saturdays wedding, visit the slideshow.
This wedding was a total blast. Pammie is the third daughter from the Price family, and the last to get married. I was honored to we thier wedding photographer for both of the other sisters, and so pleased to be there for Pam and Ryans special day. It rained off and on, but really just enough to cool things off. Pams colors were shades of Green, and it was beautiful!

This cake was huge and INCREDIBLE!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well folks! School starts on Tuesday so we have new hours - extended! We have added M/W/F from 10-2 for your convienience! Check out our online scheduler to make an appointment.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Want to see the slideshow of all 237 favorites? Click here.

Chris and Mandy were married August 6th, on Crystal Beach in Destin, Florida. Destin is a beautiful spot in the panhandle looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. The water is Turquoise, and the sand is a beautiful soft white. Its just perfect. We arrived on the 5th to do sunset pictures and caught these beauties as a storm rolled in.

It was windy and sprinkling, but the sky was so beautiful with the dark clouds, we just had to keep shooting!

Aren't they just the sweetest thing ever?

So these two are my all time faves. We knew we wanted this shot, and promised mom we wouldnt use the wedding dress for it, so Mandy bought a white sundress for this part of the shoot.

They don't even look like they know we are here!

So it was really raining here, but you can't really tell! (except for the fact that noone is on the beach - I wonder why? LOL)

Gotta do the initals in the sand.


THe sun started to set, and the colors were beautiful.

So now its wedding morning, and I catch some detail shots before heading over to the hairdressers.

Then we do Private moments at a gazebo down the strip.

And head out to a spot we scoped out with a stairway and sand dunes.

We snuck a few shots along the beach, but it was pretty busy, so only a few. (of course I made the people disappear)

Then, down time in the condo while we set up, and then time for the ceremony.

Chris and his natural smile - they both have a million expressions!

Mandy - so beautiful - radiant.

The sand ceremony has so much more significance on an actual beach. Plus the moms put sand in prior to the kids - very cool.

Really a pretty good turn out! 12 people in the wedding party, and about 20 some guests.

So the sun was setting as we finished up and we took fabulous shots right there on the beach.

Mom cringed as that dress got close to the water - we really pushed the envelope on that! We need it to be okay for reception back in Kansas city!

The sun, the shore, the sand ... all so beautiful.

The wedding party. Truly one of the most fabulous bunches of people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. Every one of them unique, kind and giving. And funny!

The whole gang!

Gotta do the jumping shot!

So cool - taken as the sun just finished setting (we had to run back in for the boquet) and lit with two flashes. FUN!

Then a fun intimate reception at the resturant on the beach.

Very little of this cake actually made it into thier mouths!

Thier first dance was so sweet. It was like noone was in the room.

Then back to the cottage the wedding party was staying at for a fun jumping in the pool shot!
We headed back the next day and now I am sorting through 3396 pictures!