Friday, September 18, 2009

Recent Shoots - SOOO MANY!

So we have been busy - God is Good! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from recent shoots and links to thier slideshows so you can see all the pictures! (As always you can see all the pictures on the website under Online viewing.)

Our beloved Babysitter Megan and her family - What a treat to photograph them!

What a fun senior! Elliott (with two t's :) was so agreeable and we had a great time!
There are some customers that you have had forever and Megan is one of them -its been such a pleasure to watch Maddie grow from mommys belly to such a beauty!
Another regular. Emma has been coming to us since she was born as well. And here I had to laugh - I don't know what daddy was doing behind me but she sure thought it was funny!

A New senior and his dog. What a treat for us! We love getting the senior boys. And the pets! God little gift to us daily.

What a fun shoot! This little guy in a tub (well no water, he is actually sitting in a bumbo seat in there) was laughing away at mommy!

Hummmmm. What is that??????? The whole shoot was a blast ! What a ham!!!

What an honor to be asked to be KLOVE's official photographer for the Rush of Fools concert on 9-9-09. If you listen to KLOVE you know who Rush of Fools are. Here is the slideshow of all the pictures.

Always thrilled to take pictures of pastors - and as always, a headshot for the ministry is free.

Nothing cuter than CAKE pictures!

One of my faves from ROCK THE LIGHT at Starlight. This is Brandon Heath. BIG FAN!!!!
And here is my oldest daughter performing at star light that same night for the talent competion!

More of my regulars - and chessy little angels.
This little girl has also been coming since she was born and is a beauty. She as really blossomed and has the most beautiful eyes!

Okay so speaking of favorite customers - This little gals mommy has come to me since before her oldest was born and has brought me So much business.

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