Saturday, November 15, 2008

July Customers - So many beautiful people!

One year goes soooo fast! Its fun to mark it with a collage. This collage is the one that comes with the As You Grow one year plan that you can read about on our main website. Such a beautiful Girl!

The pages in the as you grow plan document each month or visit and this page documents this little guys first visit. So sweet!

Senior season is upon us! This senior was an absolute delight to photograph. She let us put her in the water and drag her all over Kansas City.

How beautiful and fun loving is she?

Every once in a while, you run into a customer with an animated child who just can't take a bad picture. That was the case with this little tyke. She is a HAM!

Its that time again to photograph my favorite little customer in Florida. This time Greg got to come along and took some spectacular shots of him and his parents new pool! His parents own the largest pool company in Florida - Orlando Pools and they have quite a beautiful pool in thier backyard!

There are more pictures of thier pool and beautiufl bulldogs below.

Love those little hineys!

This sweetheart was really looking for something through the window - I think it was daddy on the other side! Giggle.

How cute is a little baby in a swimsuit!

Or naked.

Family pictures out at James A Reed are always a hit. Unfortunatley, on this day it was VERY sunny!

On this day, we just used our studio front yard - and luckily it was overcast - no squinting today!

Sometimes the little ones show a personality that is unmistakeable. This little one does just that.

Same little guy - Happy in mommys hands!

One of my favorite shots, I havent taken it for a while - the greecian urn with grapes. Oh goodness I forgot how much fun it was!

We have LOTS of Missou and Huskers fans around here!

Someone is VERY happy about the TUTU!

My new Barnwood clubhouse background is perfect for this little guy.

You know it helps when you and mommy are beautiful people!

Cooking up something special for dinner tonight!


A Royals fan! (there are some left out there? LOL)

Same sweet baby.

I can ALMOST walk!

I love my mommy.

Some of our Patricia Stevens models. Our monthly shoot is a highlight for me. Beautiful girls, willing models - LOTS of fun!

And then there is miss Sydney - I CANNOT believe how big she is!
My best friend Angie had this little angel April 1st and I have been honored to be her photographer (hey who else?) What a delight her whole family is to us.

Oh my gosh - is it me or is this kid CUTE????

So Miss Sydneys family owns a fireworks stand or two - so we had to get these shots!

Here is a few shots of the pool and our florida clients bulldogs!

Okay so the spot here by the bottom left is a hottub and the patio is so cool - like an island oasis, then see the waterfall? Behind it is a little cave that goes all the way through and it lights up at night!

Aren't these dogs sweet?

A few more Patricia Stevens models - I got to go twice this month because she was having a class. These girls are so open to new things!

Well - we get guys too, but my faves are the girls. :)

Lots of fun!

This guy liked to be creative - and most of the models do have an artisitc creative side, so it works out nicely for me.

The laundry line is one of my favorite shots. A signature shot really, though I got it from a studio called Blue Moon years ago. I have changed and perfected it and definately made it my own. People call all time and ask if I am the studio that does "that laundry line shot".

And YES he is really hanging there - its not photoshop - I have been doing this shot for years - BEFORE photoshop.

Look how much fun he is havin! I love getting the little ones (and big ones) to laugh - that just is the icing on the cake for me.

Absolutely Beautiful family. You know it's getting to that time to be doing the whole christmas picture thing!

Everyone loves the custom color - and there is nothing like a childs reflection in the mirror.

Or a little girl on her very own ballet bar.

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