Saturday, November 15, 2008

August - school starts and more wonderful customers

Some more pages in the as you grow books. These leather albums are so popular because you can put the pictures in them each month and take them home. As the child grows and we make new pages, you just bring the album back!

This family was tons of fun. We went to Unity Village and found some really outdoorsy spots to take gobs of great pictures.

How sweet is big brother and little sister?
And she is quite the little miss smiliey in the roses. One of my favorite shots with little girls to be sure.

Newborn boy with mit and ball - a timeless favorite.

My word this little girl is darling.

Then plop brother in there - CUTE!

Or just hold brother upside down. LOL.

This sweet princess is a mover and a smilier! I just love documenting her as she grows.

And can you believe it? SHe is one!

All smilies!

Oh my gosh - I am totally truthful when I tell you that this little girls parents did NOT give her a mohawk - seriously this is how her hair grows!!!!

And here is what it looks like when you comb it down.

The expression is what gets me. :)

Baby in veggie bowl - a heavily requested shot also.

One of our signatures - birthday pictures include eating through a real cake that we provide. These are COOL pictures!

I love the feet. How timeless is this?

Motion shots are great too.

More Shots of beautiful Models at Patricia Stevens Modeling Agency. LOTS OF FUN!

Sweet Gabriella. She was only with us for a short time - and every moment was a treasure.

Gabriella and her loving family.

She really is an angel.

Family pictures at James A reed - you just cant go wrong!

The boys are so sweet!

Something about the backs of kids - it leaves so much up to the imagination.

Thier fronts are cute too! This little joy had so much spirit!

I LOVVVVVVE newborns! So beautiful!
And so easy to move (once you get them asleep)

The most precious porcelian face - seriously like a doll! This is the little girl that comes up first on my slideshow on the home page - under the running sink water - how she has grown!

One of my favorite customers - mom always has great ideas and helps me grow and stretch myself. Nicest people too!

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