Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Travis and Amanda!

Travis and Amanda - Young, vibrant, responsible parents of two incredibly beautiful children. What a blast we all had! Again we felt like family - of course we have been working with these two for quite a while and are so excited to see that the day is finally here. Everything went off without a hitch (well except for our little ride in the curb jumping misguided limo LOL) and it was so much fun. We got 10 times more fun pictures than I thought we did ( as usual)! Here are a few of my faves.
Oh to see ALL my faves the teaser slideshow is here .

Travis and Amanda chose to do thier Private Moments in the Cancer Memorial Park right next to thier church (Unity temple on the plaza) - Great spot - intimate and outdoorsy - and unique!

Unity Temple has beautiful stained glass and lots of room.

They have the CUTEST kids! Sage and Scottie are a HOOT!

A ballon release - ORIGINAL!!!!! And way cool to watch.

Gotta go to Nelson!

Oh gosh you had to be there! He is chasing her with CAKE!

Dancing - and did they ever dance!
Travis and Sage fly ALOT! - She grinns so much when she is in the air.

Scottie with his mommy - such a joy to watch - this kid has so much love for mom.
The photobooth was by KCPHOTOBOOTH - they are amazing! How fun! And it totally complements what I do!

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