Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes!!! We ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!

GOOD GRIEF! So its been since November since I published a post. Well, I keep saying I want to post daily, but I have to catchup first. I finally took the advice of a fellow photographer and a friend who is a videographer and decided - not to give up, but work backwards - sort of. I will post exciting stuff AS IT HAPPENS (you know like normal people) LOL. Then, as I can catch up, I will tell all of you exciting stuff that has happened in the past. Works!

So first off - This weekend was lots of fun - On friday, we (Greg and I) drove to Columbia to photograph a marriage proposal. He had the whole thing planned (and was videotaping it as well) and we were there - hidden across the lake with our big dog lenses - to catch it all. Here are some shots -

Congratulations Jordan and Carrie! We don't have a date set yet - but We WILL BE THERE!!!

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