Monday, December 21, 2009

November! Whew! It's beginning to look like Christmas!!!!

Mr. Bryson - such a sweet baby - see his whole slideshow here.

I LOVE this family! They come in each year and just get cuter every year!

More new babies. Sweet Easton.

The long awaited Military Ball. What an honor to photograph 1000 marines at Union Station. Our team of 14 really did a great job! If you want to see all the pictures - look at them here.

What a treat to do senior pictures, then a few years later do her babys newborn pictures. Maybe someday we will photograph this little girls wedding! See Miss Rylies slideshow here.

This family is so unique! Beautiful children, fun parents - all with such sweet spirits!
I have been honored to photograph this beauty since she was born. Now I can't believe it , but she is one!

This senior came in for an onlocation shoot last month and it was SO FUN!! we did the city - the westbottoms - in the RAIN! Fun fun. She came back for her instudio and we snuck outside when the sun was setting for more fun shots.
I did probably 60 different christmas cards - you will see more in december blog. Here is a teaser!

LOVE MY NEWBORNS!!!!!! There is something about the first 24 hours of life that is extrodinary. With the first moments plan, it includes a hospital visit AND a studio visit in the first week. Here is the hospital visit (in the format of thier first album page - also comes with the plan)

And here are some of the studio shots, placed in the birth announcement - its less than a week later - but how different he looks!!!!

doggone it they are sweet even in the belly!!
Who says you can't do a large group in the studio?

Halloween is fun because we see so many exciting costumes. These two were so sweet.

My goodness - here is my little elf! I did mommy's wedding and one of her daughters senior pictures. So fun to see so much growth!

What a joy. This little guy is one of my absolute favorite little sweeties. Watching him grow from birth to almost two years old has been so much fun. He is truly an incredible boy.

When mom and dad came in for maternity shots, I could never imagine that a year and a half later i would be taking pictures of this little pumpkin. She is a total sweetie.

Hillarious family!!! And this picture is totally typical of thier personality. Thier wedding was a hoot and I would expect nothing less from them. :)

Its all about the eyes! How sweet are these kids!?

You would think they never argue or fight by looking at this picture. And actually, in this case, I think they get along great. But how many times are we capturing them in an uncharacteristic pose?

I love my once a month trip into the city to Patricia Stevens Modeling agency. Melissa takes such good care of me and its such a treat to take pictures of so many beautiful people. I have photographed this gal before. She s a sweet girl and a bunch of fun.

These girls are all related - not that you could tell!!!!

My pal and FABULOUS hairdresser - and one of the best hip hop teachers around! Amber and Bobby Rae.

And thier babies!

Another cutie from Patricia Stevens Agency.

This little gal has grown up right before my eyes. How cute is she?

Love pure JOY coming from these kids.

I did these two angels last year just after little sis was born - MY has she grown!!!!!

No caption needed - OH MY GOSH SO SWEET!!!!

Having girls of my own, its so fun to watch them interact and be able to photograph the love between them.

This little darling is so so precious.

Mom says this little one just doesnt do pictures. Well, you can't tell from the pictures, but she wasnt thrilled about it, but we got great pictures anyway.

Here is another great story about a regular. You know, Abundant Moments is like a big family. I feel like I have 100 kids. Well, sort of some days after school it sounds like I have 100 kids around here. LOL. Anywho, miss thing down here came in for her pictures with her new baby brother. And a few years back I did mom and Dads wedding. I have done countless events for this and thier extended family and its such a neat bunch!
So many cuties this season! You have to see this little ones eyes!

Remember my senior that I did outside and in? I just got a new backdrop and used her as a guinea pig. She is the MOST beautiful guinea pig ever!!!

Here she is again with her favorite things.

Love the sibling groups. What a great present for moms.

sweet babies.

I have done these boys since the oldest was little. Wow three boys. My! Mom is busy!!!

Salad anyone?


This little guy wouldnt take a bad picture. Mom and dad were pretty good lookin' too! We had a fun shoot out at unity village. The colors were good and the architecture was beautiful.

I get to do pets now and then, and lots of toddlers, but togeather - well not so often - its a bit of a challenge - but how fun!

More on my new backdrop - LOVE IT!!

Sweet little elves.

Another I have photographed since birth - and Oh what a joy she has been since day one!!!!

Big groups are almost always better outside, and James A Reed is one of my favorites.

My sweet syd. Her mommy is my best friend, and I am a bit partial. I was there when she was born, and there when mommy told me she was pregnant and I hope to God I am there when she gets married.

From Bride and Groom to babies. Another couple who brought thier new little one to me after I did thier wedding a while back. So fun - circle of life. :)

I met this family at the Father Daugter dance here in Lees summit a few years back and I have had the pleasure of photographing them since. Its been a joy to watch thier family grow and they just get sweeter and sweeter!
There is something about a little girl and her daddy or a little boy and his mommy. Precious pictures. So many people don't take pictures with thier kids because they "don't photograph well" or " I don't look good" - do you think the little ones think that? How many pictures do you have with your mom or dad from when you were a kid? At least get the camera out and take some snapshots!

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