Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Customers. Fall is in FULL SWING!!

We went out to James A Reed for some pictures of Jessie and her mommy and daddy - what a beautiful Horse! See all of Jessies pictures in her slideshow.
A beautiful facility and a fun bunch of kids equals great pictures! Faulkners !

Aren't they sweet?

Every once in a while I will get twins to photograph - but never have I had Senior boy twins! These boys were such fun - really into thier car, thier shoes and their skateboards!

See thier whole shoot here.
Family shoots at Unity! The foliage is great - but it won't last!

Mat and Jeni - super neat couple who are getting married next year. Love the dogs! I did Jeni's sisters wedding earlier this year, and I can't wait to work with the family again. See all of Matt and Jeni's pictures in thier slideshow!

Yes they brought their pups - look closely at the bandanas - they say "save the date"!

Can you believe it - this brook is in my backyard!

What a fun senior! He brought his girlfriend and we did two fun shoots, one in studio and one very early in the am - just before the sun was coming up so we got incredible soft light - 7am! Awesome shots!

While you are at it - check out another gal here - she is dynomite - Ashley!
Some birth announcements from a few of the sweet newborns I saw in October. Aren't they precious!!!

And just look at this sweetie! I did Mom and Dads wedding a few years back and her one year old shots were incredible! Now - I ca't believe it - she is two!

It was bone chilling cold - middle of the day - but we wanted a fun fall shot on the golf course - and we got it!

So here is my best friend Angie (the dj) and one of my assistants and fellow photographers Brett helping out by posing for the military ball uring our practice run. Angie is such a cheese ball and is such a ham!

How cute are my customers babies?


He had a spider birthday! Goodness I am glad I wasn't there!

Kids love to be photographed with thier pets, and we love to do it. We have done this little guy with his lizard, a senior with her snake, and countless dogs and cats. This is not the first rabbit, and I am sure its not the last!

Dad's a pilot!

Remember that newborn on the intro page in her dads firefighter arms? Here she is - one year old!

We went out to Megans house at sunset and got the best pictures. So pretty out there!

This was a fabulous shoot we did in the West bottoms in downtown kansas city - when it was POURING!!!! It was awesome!! If you look close - you can see the rain coming down.

this gal is a beauty - just naturally. I did her sisters senior pictures a few years back, and now its her turn! See all her pictures here.

Ernie is a cutie and looks just like his mom and dad!

These girls are a delight - as always! And have grown so much since thier last visit! We went down to Hartman Park for some fabulous pictures by the water.

I love doing Amandas maternity - especially when it involves pictures of Brock, who I photographed in his moms tummy.

Plus have you ever seen such a beautiful pregnant woman!?

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