Sunday, March 21, 2010

New shoots!

I love natural light. Any chance or opportunity to shoot in it I grab. This little sweetie was a runner - he wouldnt stop moving! But I grabbed a few quick shots when he paused for a second.
Then there is little brother who turned one. Time for some yummy cake!

This has to be my favorite shot. At how many ages can chewing on your shoe be cute?

Enjoy the whole slideshow of the boys here.
It's been such a joy to watch Coop group and now he is finally one! He had a good time during his shoot and was such a smiliey boy like usual. She his whole shoot here.

I've been photographing Ambers little guy since he was born, and big brother since before that. But the girls? This is a first, and oh my what beautiful girls! See thier whole shoot here.

This grumpy face is precious, and its all the more sweet when you see the best smilie I could get below.

Yeah - that's it. She does smilie - I think - I have seen it!

Naked butts and feet - HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!!!

What a fun family picture. Loving the natural light!

See all of sweet Miles shoot here.

This little guy wouldn't stop smiling. He was such a treat. So lucky I have been this last week! He whole shoot is here.

These little ones are pretty excited to be having a little brother or sister coming soon. Wonder what it is!

wow. I wish my belly looked that great when number three was on its way!

Giant bins of Grapefruit, carrots, anything you could imagine. What fun! I went to my daugters 7th grade field trip to Harvesters. Here's the slideshow I made of the images.

I have photographed big brother since he was born and now little brother. Such sweeties!

See thier whole shoot here.

My whole family is enjoying thier time at Premier Martial Arts. I have been blessed to be able to do some promo shoots with them. Here are some of my favorites.

Guess what this little girls name is? She is such a cutie!

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