Thursday, March 25, 2010


Bunny pictures were so much fun! Digger is such a sweetie and did a great job as usual.

HUNTERS BALL!!! so much fun. Our church, Life Christian Center hosts the Hunters Ball every year now for 5 years. What a blast. We were honored to have covered the event.

We took Logans pictures last month when he was born at mommy and daddys house, and now he is one month old. We were able to get a few great family pictures, and a couple more cut ones of him by himself.

It always amazes me how fast the little ones grow. With so many of my baby plan members turning one, we have a few new spots open up on our baby plan. The first moments plan takes a limited number of kids per year, and its a busy time for birthdays! Look at Jase - oh what a sweetie! See the whole shoot here.

Truly a princess!
And look how much they like each other! Or at least it looks that way!

The whole family.

What a fun senior shoot. Warm, but with snow on the ground - how often does that happen? Lees summit looks so different with a little snow on the ground. See the whole shoot here.

You have to know the story behind this - its funny. Well, you will have to ask Katie yourself, but it invloves surviving mud, water and snow in barefeet, and rushing at bit. :)

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