Friday, August 17, 2012

First Glass Act - With Jordan

Wednesday night was a blast!

I had the wonderful honor to capture the stunning personality of one of our 2013 Seniors.  Jordan is a sweet girl who loves the outdoors and wasn't afraid to get her feet wet - literally - for the sake of some great pictures.  Since she loves Pleasant Hill Lake and spends much of her time there, we decided that would be the best place for the shoot.

There was even a snapping turtle to greet us as we searched for the ideal setting.  Our biggest obstacle of the night was the muddy bottom of the lake.  We wanted to snap some unique, rustic pictures - something a little less glamorous - to show off Jordan's love of the lake.  So, we attempted to roll up our pants and wade in, but we kept sinking into the muckiness of the lake floor.  Of course, with any beautiful body of water there comes an obnoxious army of gnats and Wednesday night was no exception.  There were swarms of them, but thankfully, they had the courtesy to stay out of the pictures!

Jordan was such a great sport about the evening.  She had a great attitude and went with the flow of anything and everything we wanted to accomplish.  Her mom, Becky, was fabulous too.  She even sacrificed her flip flops for a moment so that Jordan didn't have to walk barefoot through a plethora of broken beer bottle glass at one section of the beach.  However, the shattered glass provided a great backdrop for one final shot at the end of the night.  Jordan laid down amidst the reflective shards in front of the lake with a stunning sunset as the best finishing touch for the shot - BREATHTAKING.

2013 Seniors - Jordan - Photo by Abundant Moments Photography in Lee's Summit, MO

It never gets boring to find fabulous, unique ways to capture the incredible personalities of the people I get to meet!

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