Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Weddings! SOOOOOO many and soooo beautiful!

Remember that WONDERFUL florida wedding we did in August? Well, they had thier reception back here in Kansas city in the beggining of October - so much fun! Here are some faves, or watch the slideshow for more!

They met at this skating rink - so we HAD to go check it out!

The bride loves pengiuns, so we had to stop at the pengin statues on the plaza. Well, while we were checking out the penguins, the wedding party was across the street getting free drinks! (and a photo op)

Grandpa brought his car to the reception for a few fun shots - cool ride!

one of my most favorite things is catching not just what is going on, but the reactions to what is going on. So fun!!!!

and feet - how fun!

Kevin and Susannah - I LOVE it when the brides wear thier hair down! SO great for pictures! Check out the slideshow!
He wore his hair down too. LOL
The foliage was incredible!

Its so fun to get them interacting to the point where they forget (or at least look like they forgot) you are standing there. :)

Reactions - so fun. How cool is my job that I am a part of this joy?

Jason and Megan - an elegant and fun couple full of life and love!
Check out all my favorites with thier full slideshow.

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