Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Abundant Moments PART 2!

How do you decide which photographer is the right choice?

1. Experience

2. Price
3. Talent

Debra here - owner of Abundant Moments - your blogger today! 

First of all if you are looking for the cheapest 8x10 out there, let me stop you right away.  If you want inexpensive grab your camera and go for it.  OR, there are college students or even high school students who do a great job for you - its just a bit of a crap shoot.  And, generally, it takes them a LONGGGG time.  So if you have nothing but time, and dont mind the possibility of shooting for a few hours to get one or two good shots, go for it.  Honestly you might get lucky!  But if you have a moving target (toddler for instance), impatient subject (teen, husband, toddler, newborn), or a LIFE (need to get things done LOL)  Then you might consider someone who can get it done for a little more $$$ and alot less time.  I cant tell you how many clients I have who come and we are done in 20-40 minutes and are constantly suprised at how many pictures we end up with that are just fantastic! 

So back to price.  Its not even about the price of the prints.  All people want is digital these days.  Doesn't anyone print images anymore? Well they do, but they get a groupon for a canvas print (that seriously never does the image justice) and want me to give them a high rez image so they can print them themselves.  Well here is the thing.  Ill sell you the cd with the images big enough you can print up to an 11x14.  But you have to buy $200 worth of prints first, and if you want a big canvas, you have to get it from me.  Why? Simple.  A. I want your money. But more importantly B. I took the picture, I own it, and when a photographer creates art they want it to be displayed in the best way it can be to show it off and do it justice.  I DON'T want a crappy print of my work on your wall. Period.  That makes me look bad!  And why do I have you buy $200 of prints? Well you aren't going to buy any from me if I just give you the cd are you? Then I make nothing but what you pay me for the cd.  So I came up with a number that allows me to make a living.  In order for me to make a reasonable amount of money I have a $350 minimum per client.  Okay lets break that down.  Why do I need to bring in $350?  Here is what goes into that-
Cost of my equipment - lights, backdrops, props, landscaping, camera, lenses, and upkeep of all of that. Then batteries, chargers, office supplies - computer, paper, printer, website fees, staff, display pictures, brochures, business cards..... good grief the list goes on.  

So why would you pay a professional when you are paying for so much more than the actual print? For the experience - from start to finish and an exemplary product.  So price - its a loaded question.    

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